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   noise. that is what this is. you can hear the noise, which often disguises itself as music.
   on this site, you will be able to download barely legal mp3s. i hope that keyword generates lots of hits. this is the first time this site has been updated in over a year.
   nothing new to report at this time... just something old: back in october of 2003, i met ]|| andrew w.k. ||[ and gave him a demo cd. i told him i was into remixing other people's stuff. he said that was cool.
   did i do a remix of one of his new hit singles on his album "the wolf"? no. have he and i been in contact in the intervening year and a half, forging a comraderie based upon music and technology? of course not. could he take time out of his busy schedule just to let some no-name hick from va butcher his work? hell no.
   would i, after way too much time has passed for it to even be close to relevant, shamelessly display a glossy picture of him which he autographed for me on my zero-traffic website? absolutely. it's on the ]|| pics ||[ page. surf wisely!